Queen Of The South-Arturo Perez-Reverte

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The story starts from the end. The narrator is a journalist who writes a biography book for Teresa Mendoza, Queen of the south, or La reina delsur, the only woman among the narco-mafia in Southern Europe.
Teresa‘s story starts twelve years ago, in Mexico. She was a girlfriend of local narco diller, Guero Davilla, who was killed. They were after her too. She had to run to save her life.
Her childhood was really bad. Father, unknown. Mother, prostitute. Growing up in a bad neighborhood, raped when she was just a little girl, she was dealling drugs as a teenager. Until, one day, a very expensive dark car stopped next to her on the street, and Guero Davilla came into her life.
Teresa had a good life living as a girlfriend of a pilot who was smuggling drugs across the border. Until, one day, he was killed, and she had to run. She ran to Spain and there she met another local drug dealer, Santiago Fistera. She was living with him and started to help him with his work. Learning about boats and shipments, good with numbers, she was part of “the dynamic duo”. Until one day,they crashed into a rock during the running from the police. Santiago died, and Teresa was sent to prison.
In the cell, she met Patty. And, it’s a classic “Count of Monte Cristo” story. Patty is an ex-girlfriend of a drug dealer who had hidden half tone cocaine. After leaving the prison, they both took the cocaine hidden in a cave, and sold it to the russian mafia.
And the queen was born.
I liked the character of Teresa. Strong woman. Always standing on her feet. Being no one, becoming someone. There were moment when she had several different personalities, couple of other Teresas watching her from a different angle.
There were only three men into Teresa’s life. Guero, Santiago, and Teo. They were all liars and dealers, but in someway, they all loved her.
At the beginning, I liked the character of Patty, too. In prison, she loved reading books. I always adore people who love books. She was like Abbé Faria from “Count of Monte Cristo”. But, after that, she disappointed me.
This is a book for surviving. Book of international crime, drug dealing, corruption, smuggling. It is also book about love and friendship. Book about life.
My opinion: 4 / 5

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