Take Five – Renee Pawlish

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Title: Take Five
Author: Renee Pawlish
Genre: crime, mystery, short stories
Published: October, 2011
Format: Kindle
Five mystery tales set in Colorado.

Sarah Spillman, a sassy Denver police detective.

Reed Ferguson, a witty private eye with a love of film noir and Humphrey Bogart.

Kay, a computer nerd with revenge on her mind.

When I finished reading this book, I thought, this collection of mystery tales can be easily turned into a tv show. Sarah Spillman is a detective. She has the leading role in three out of five stories. Wherever she goes, crime is after her. New cases are always there, even when she goes on vacation.  Reed Ferguson is a private investigator  who has a case of a stolen valuable baseball card. Kay has a colleague who always finds a way to disrespect her.  Three great characters, five great stories.  All of them are well written, making you think who dunnit. Just one of the stories seemed unfinished to me. Some of the supporting characters are  funny, some weird, but that is just making the story very entertaining. It’s a quick read, very enjoyable. I’m giving four stars just because I wanted the stories to be a little bit longer, to enjoy more reading them. 

My opinion: 4 /5

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