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Title: Life in Death
Author: Harlow Drake
Genre: thriller, mystery
Format: kindle

A young girl is found murdered. A foster child, and no one noticed that she was missing, no one cared. Foster parents called the social service, but the note got lost, and the social worker never received the message. The note was found after the murder.

Detectives Cobb and Nicolet are trying to solve the case. Social worker Kari Marchant is one of the suspects. When her ex-lover was found dead with her letter in his pocket, she became main suspect. Detective Nicolet feel attraction for the beautiful social worker. But is she a nice young woman or cold-blooded killer?
There is a religious sect in town. People get together and some strange things are going on. People are missing. Children are missing.
I love thrillers, this one was good. When I started, I thought that this was going to be great read. First of all, it was too short. Solid crime novel needs more. It has a great start, very intriguing case to solve. The idea for the plot was amazing. I liked some parts of the story. Some of the scenes were really creepy and well described, suitable for a good thriller. The story includes foster care system and religious sect. Those two society problems were well incorporated in the story. But developing the story wasn’t twisted enough. Some parts of the story were moving too fast, I couldn’t follow. Additional stories could be more developed. And I predicted who the real killer was. The stories where I can do that, are not mysterious enough. Only one of the characters was well described, all others were a little bit more than just mentioned.
It’s a promising start for a debut author. It’s quick and easy read. But, good and solid thriller needs a little bit more than a great idea. 

My opinion: 3 / 5

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