Book review: Never Look Back by Clare Donoghue

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Sarah has no peace even in her own home. Strange phone calls, shadows in the dark, someone is following her. She has chosen her home with so much love, now her neighborhood is her nightmare. Her home has become her prison. There is no place where she is safe.
Another young woman is scared, there is shadow following her. Debbie thinks it’s only her overactive imagination, but soon her worst nightmare comes true. 
Three young women are dead. They are all found brutally murdered, no connection between them. DI Mike Lockyer works on the case. Fighting with his own demons, he has to find the murderer. With enough problems in his personal life, he has to follow the leads to find the murderer who kills young women. When the investigation involves members of his own family, the chasing of the cat and mouse begins.

This book I won on Crime Fiction Lover giveaway. It’s a debut work of a young author, Clare Donoghue. I must say it is well done. I like the setting, the mystery part is intriguing, mixing one case with another that have nothing in common. The clues are left one by one, leaving enough space to guess the ending. There are turn-overs on almost every page and  nothing prepares you for the ending. The violent scenes are chilly, but not too creepy. The main character is another thing. Mike Lockyer is classical anti-hero, never talks about his personal life, no one knows that he has a brother with special needs. He cares for his brother well, which makes him more human. But he never talks about him, even his daughter doesn’t know he exists. But one thing is certain, DI Lockyer does his job well, even too well. His job is his life. 
The author is compared with several well-established British authors, but I haven’t read any of them. I’ll change that very soon. All I know, that I read great book, very intriguing story and I’ll be looking for other book from this young author in future. If this is a debut book, I’m pretty sure that the others would be even better. 
My opinion: 4 / 5.

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