Book Review: First to Fall (Avalon, #1) by Carys Jones

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*Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Aiden Connelly turns his back to the city life. Looking for a new start for his family, together with his wife and daughter, they move to the small town of Avalon. In a small place where everyone knows everyone, life seems so simple. But nothing is what it looks like. Connelly’s first case seems pretty plain: the wife killed her husband and confessed the murder. Simple and plain case that has to end very soon. But it takes just one visit to the local prison for his gut to tell him different things, that this woman is not a murderer. Looking for new evidence, Connelly digs up some old skeletons that have to stay buried. The victim was local favorite boy and everyone loved him. He came from a respectful family and was some kind of local celebrity. But his wife, the most beautiful woman who won a beauty contest as a teenager, had no proper home and a had a drug addict for a mother. Everyone was so surprised with their marriage, but no one was surprised when she was arrested for his murder. “That sl*t deserves a death penalty!” Did Brandy really kill her husband? What is hiding behind her angel face? Can she twist men around her little finger or is she a victim of long-term domestic violence? Aiden Connelly has his hands full of work. 

Carys Jones writes her legal thrillers with so many emotions. Her characters are unique and well developed. Their true personalities are revealed very slowly as the story goes. As we follow Brandy’s story told from behind the bars, in the same time we follow Aiden’s doubts in life and ups and downs of his family. If you are looking for some CSI elements that follow the crime , you might be disappointed. This is an emotional story for domestic violence behind the closed door, a story for making changes in your life, a story for second chances. The author perfectly describes a small place where everything seems so simple but it is so complicated. Avalon has so many secrets. Nothing is what it looks like. She perfectly describes the people , their masks and their true faces. “First to Fall” is an interesting thrilling story and I hope to see the series in future.

My opinion: 4 / 5.

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