Book Review: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes-The White Worm by Sam Siciliano

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Sherlock Holmes and his cousin, Dr Henry Vernier, travel to Whitby, to investigate a curious case on behalf of a client. He has fallen in love, but a mysterious letter has warned him of the dangers of such a romance. The woman is said to be under a druidic curse, doomed to take the form of a gigantic snake. Locals speak of a green glow in the woods at night and a white apparition amongst the trees. Is there sorcery at work, or is a human hand behind the terrors of Diana’s Grove?
Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
I admit, I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes’adventures and was very pleased when I heard that there were some new books including him as a main character. This is my first Sam Siciliano’s book, but definitely, won’t be the last.
This adventure of his starts with a visit from a client. A young man who is going to be married soon receives a letter as a warning for his future marriage. His fiance is a lovely charming young lady, but there is a curse that runs in her family for many generations. Once upon a time, there was a giant white worm that tormented the people in the area. Until one day one man defeated it, married and had children on that same property. But there was the curse, always something bad happened to the male members of the family. It was the punishment for the man who defeated the worm. The young man loves his bride-to-be but is also scared that something bad would happen to him. So he asks the great detective for help. Sherlock and his cousin Dr Vernier travel to Whitby in a place called Diana’s Grove to solve the mystery of the white worm.

I am very sorry that I don’t see the very famous Dr Watson here as Holmes’ assistant, but his cousin Dr Henry Vernier. No need to worry, Dr Vernier is quite good in his role, I just miss Dr Watson. He is smart, kind, friendly character that many people find as great advisor and true friend. Also, another character is included, Dr Vernier’s wife, Michelle. She is very much like Mary, Dr Watson’s wife. She is a beautiful, wise and brave woman that can perfectly stand on her own feet with no help from a gentleman. A woman that even her husband admires.
There some other characters included, like the young man who hires the detective, his charming fiance and her eccentric aunt and their neighbours. Each one of them is unique and everyone is a suspect in Holmes’eyes. What hides behind the legend of the white worm, the great detective shall discover.
And it won’t be a Sherlock Holmes story without the presence of the best detective himself. Deductive as always, with his one of a kind charm, Sherlock Holmes can not be lied and wooed with simple tricks. He seems naive, but he is far away from that. After all, he is the great Sherlock Holmes.

For all the fans of the great detective, Sherlock is back! Sam Siciliano did a great job bringing him and his adventures back on the bookshelves. Don’t miss his latest adventure and join him solving the mystery of the white worm. You will enjoy, I know I did! 

My opinion: 4 / 5.  

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