Book Review: Last Prophecy of Rome by Iain King

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An ancient empire. A terrifying threat to the World’s Superpower. Only one man can stop it.

ROME: Maverick military historian Myles Munro is on holiday with girlfriend and journalist Helen Bridle. He’s convinced a bomb is about to be detonated at the American Embassy.

NEW YORK: A delivery van hurtling through Wall Street, blows up, showering the sky with a chilling message: America is about to be brought down just like the Roman Empire.

Juma, an African warlord, set free by the Arab Spring, plans to make it happen.

When a US Senator is taken a hostage, a chilling chain of events begins, and Myles finds himself caught in a race against time to stop Juma. But, he’s not prepared for the shocking truth that the woman he once loved, Juma’s wife, Placidia, has now become a terrorist.

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“Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times. This arises from the fact that they are produced by men who ever have been, and ever shall be, animated by the same passions, and thus they necessarily have the same results.”
Facing with the modern day terrorism and so many refugees waiting at the border of my country, it was easy for me to connect with this book and the story in it. The plot is heartbreaking and I feel sorry for all those people who lost their homes and are seeking for better future. I feel mad and angry at all those smugglers who want to earn money out of people’s misery and all those who put them in that misery at the first place. I hate all those people like Juma, who under the wing of „helping“ uses other people for his own satisfaction, and the others who use people like Juma to cause fear and death just for financial benefit.
For Myles and Helen, it all starts as a romantic vacation in Rome. Soon it turns out into a nightmare.
Juma is a Somali pirate who decides to go little further. Together with his half-American wife, Placidia, they decide to bring down America. Yes, America, USA, one of the most powerful countries in the world, and the main culprit for the misery in the third world, according to them. Placidia is a history expert, and she knows that many things can be learned from the past. Her plan is to bring down America just like the Roman Empire. And their plan works, almost. The thing is, no one really knows why Roman Empire didn’t survive. There are many theories, but no one is really sure. There Myles Munro enters the story. He is a history professor, one of the best for Ancient Rome, and someone who personally knows Placidia. And the real story begins…
I was completely hooked from the very first page. It is a real net of events, like the spider’s one, closing and closing until SNAP, it catches you! It literally leaves you with the jaw dropped! Fully packed with adrenaline, the story takes you on a journey all over the world, America, Rome, Africa, you name it. All the characters are well developed, the good ones and the bad ones, even if it is hard to decipher who the real bad guys are.
I still can’t figure out why Myles Munro is called „a misfit“. He is smart and not that clumsy. I mean, he is not Indiana Jones, but not Adrian Monk either. I really love him as a character and love his faith in people. He is good at judging people’s characters and can not be fooled easily. I haven’t read the previous book from this author where Myles appears for the first time (my mistake) but I am sure that he is good as well. He is already on my list of favorite book characters.
If you are in the search of a fast-pacing action thriller with history lessons, look no further. This is the read for you. Totally recommended!
My opinion: 5 / 5.

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