Blog Tour and Review: Scared to Death by Rachel Amphlett

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Hi, guys.
Today is my stop of the blog tour of the fast-paced crime thriller Scared to Death by the amazing author Rachel Amphlett. I hope you’ll enjoy my review and this thrilling serial killers’ novel. Don’t forget to visit all the blog stops and read all the amazing stuff about this book.
Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
From the very beginning, the author throws you into a very scary situation. Two people, husband and wife, parents, are in the search of their kidnapped daughter after they paid the ransom. Only to find their daughter’s lifeless body. A couple of hours later, while giving the statement in the police station, the father of the kidnapped girl collapses and dies from heart attack. The mother loses her daughter and her husband in a very same day.

Detective Sergeant Kay Hunter works on the case. Together with Detective Constable Ian Barnes, they have to solve this very unique case of kidnapping and murdering a young teenage girl. Melanie has been kidnapped while her parents were on vacation, so no one knew she was missing for a couple of days. The investigation showed that this girl was no flower, she was a bully and many of the other students didn’t like her.
Was someone who was bullied by Melanie taking the revenge?
Did she deserve to die?
This is my first book from Rachel Amphlett, but boy, won’t be the last. To the very last moment, I had no idea was it a serial killer, a personal revenge that went wrong or cover-up for something bigger. There were points of view of everyone involved in the kidnapping, including all the culprits. There was an introduction of the killer from the beginning, but till the last page I had no idea was he the mastermind or just a puppet. There were turnovers on every corner and I couldn’t predict anything.
I liked the personal touch of DS Kay Hunter’s life. She suffered a miscarriage sometime ago and coped with the pain together with her loving husband. She has a mother and a sister, but their relationship is not going in the direction it should be going. They simply don’t understand her. The only person who is on her side is her husband, he is her standing rock.
Scared to Death is grippy, fast-paced, thrilling, crime novel. It will keep you on the edge from the very first page until the last. I loved it and I hope you will. If you ask me about a recommendation, totally recommended!
My opinion: 4,5 / 5.

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