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I hope you are having a great time. The winter is slowly leaving, it’s still cold and windy, and the time is perfect for curling on the sofa with a good book. Today is my stop of Vivian Conroy’s blog tour and I have a review for you, a mystery in Agatha Cristie style, A Testament to Murder. Many thanks to Ellie and Canelo Books and don’t forget to visit all the other stops on this amazing blog tour.

An old rich man is dying. He is all alone. Only members of his staff and distant relatives. He finds no one suitable to inherit his fortune. So, he decides to play a game.

He gathers all of them. Every single one of them wants his money. Every evening he writes a new testament, every time another person inherits the money. But after every document written, he might die. Or be murdered. The person mentioned in the will might be the murderer, or might be not. Everything for the money.

There is the nurse, the ex-wife with her new husband and son, distant nephew with his wife, the secretary, the lawyer. All of them want the money.

But then, people in the house by the beach start to die. Accidents start to happen, or maybe they aren’t accidents at all. Who is Who is getting rid of the possible heirs?

In the house next door lives a retired policeman from Scotland Yard. Accidentally involved in the case, he decides to solve the mystery. He decides to find out what is really going on in his neighbor’s house. And there is another murder again.

This is my first book from this author. I liked the mystery, the plot that reminds me of Agatha Cristie’s books. It’s much more than a cozy mystery, as a thought at the beginning. I liked the story, liked the outcome, liked the unpredictable way the story ended. It was a real relieve after the latest hard-core thriller I’ve read. Overall, I liked it and will read another books from this author in future.

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