Book Review: Don’t Look Back by Karin Fossum

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A little girl is missing and entire community is looking for her. Last time she was seen in a van with a guy with Down’s syndrome who lives at the end of the neighborhood. When the little girl is found safe and sound, she reveals another crime. A body of a teenage girl by the lake. Naked, but covered, not violated. 
Inspector Sejer works on the case. Coping with his own demons, he has to connect all the pieces in the puzzle. Human nature shows up in very strange ways. No one is what it seems. Perfect families are far from perfect. Local bad boys aren’t so bad at all. The inspector Sejer is not an antihero. He has a normal life of a lonely widower who lives with his dog, and talks with hours with his daughter and grandson. Just a normal old man who has seen it all. But even normal people have their own demons, haven’t they?

Layer after layer, the author reveals the true crime, reveals the right culprit. But, there is a specific signature of author’s writing, and that is the question “Who is right culprit?”. She always leaves you wandering “Did they get the bad guys?” . It’s up to you to find that last piece of the puzzle. That’s why I love Ms.Fossum’s books. After reading The Indian Bride, I was totally hooked on Karin Fossum’s thrillers. She writes in a specific way that will make you feel the coldness of the north and creepiness of the human nature. Nothing is revealed too much, there isn’t too much physical violence, not too much nudity, not too much sex, but also not too much love and emotions. But, somehow the author digs deep into the human soul to show off the characters. 
My opinion: 4,5 / 5.

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