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Interview with the author
Meet Catherine Leggit, author of
 Payne and Misery

1.What (or who) inspired you to start writing? 

I come from a family of readers. Mother was a schoolteacher and Dad grew up in a wonderful old house with a real library—a little square room with bookshelves on all sides and a carpet in the center. On the carpet sat two comfortable leather chairs with a table between them. It was a perfect place to sit and read. From that library, we chose the classics as well as popular books of the day. My parents encouraged me to write my feelings down and I began writing stories very early in life. To my parents, my writing was always incredible. At least that’s the kind of cheerleaders they were.

My first book was inspired by the dramatic breakup of my first romance when I was twelve. I barricaded myself in my room with my notebook and poured out four chapters of heart-wrenching prose, complete with tear-stained pages. If I read it today, it’s pretty awful and makes me laugh. 

2.How many books have you written so far? 

I completed three books in the Christine Sterling Mystery series, PAYNE & MISERY, THE DUNN DEAL, and PARRISH THE THOUGHT, which were published by Ellechor Publishing. I also wrote a romantic suspense book called DYING TO BE NOTICED, a story with different characters and a different setting. In addition, I co-authored a biography of Sam Contino called STREET SMART, available on Amazon, and wrote a children’s book for my grandchildren called, SOPHIA SARAH MADISON MCCAY.

3.What is Payne and Misery about? 

Christine Sterling has developed a reputation for jumping to wild conclusions. With such an imagination, who is likely to take her seriously when she discovers a bruised and neglected neighbor named Lila Payne? Try as she might, she cannot interest anyone in Lila’s dire need for immediate rescue. Something about crying wolf once too often. 

But then Lila and Christine’s beloved dog Molly both disappear the same night. 

If no one will help her, she must find Lila and Molly herself. Heedless of possible adverse consequences,Christine dives headfirst into a dark pool swirling with muddy secrets and misery. Her best friend and fellow sleuthing partner throws her a lifesaver of prayer and soon she begins to sense God at work. But even with God’s help, can Lila and Molly be saved before it’s too late?

4.What do you do when you are not writing?

Umm, let me see. I spend a great deal of time either writing or doing writing-related activities. I am also a leader at Bible Study Fellowship where I study the Bible. I read a lot and sing in the church choir. 

Oh, and every chance I get, I play with our six brilliant grandchildren.

5.What is your favorite music? 

Favorite above all–the music I’m sure we will listen to in heaven–is classical, especially Bach. Favorite song of all time is Andrea Bochelli and Sarah Brightman singing “Con Te Partiro,” which moves me to tears every time I hear it. Just makes my soul soar! Nearly any kind of music is good to me—except songs with negative or derogatory words. I believe the purpose of music is to uplift, not to degrade.

6.What is your favorite color? 

Have to say blue. Love blue with green, blue with yellow, blue with brown. Different shades and values of blue. LOVE blue!

7.Is there a special place that you would like to visit someday?

I dream of touring Israel someday–to see with my own eyes the places I read about in the Bible. Would also LOVE to sail down the Nile and see the pyramids. My favorite place I’ve already gone is Scotland. So much history and beauty, especially in Edinburgh. I hope to go there again. I’d also like to sail down the Hudson River in this country. There’s so much diverse beauty in the US.

Okay. Hope that works for you. Thanks again.

Catherine Leggitt is the author of the cozy mystery novels, “Payne & Misery,” The “Dunn Deal,”and “Parrish the Thought.” She is also an inspirational speaker presently residing in northern California. During her first career–after raising children and before caring for her aging parents–Catherine worked as an elementary school teacher, where she developed her flair for playacting and storytelling. Struggling with retirement, Catherine needed a distraction. She found it at her keyboard.

In addition to writing and speaking, Catherine is the mother of three brilliant children who have collectively produced six incredible grandchildren. An avid Bible student, she sings in the church choir. Catherine is passionate about reading.

“Payne & Misery,” a Christine Sterling Mystery, won second place at the Orange County Christian Writer’s Conference in 2010. “Parrish the Thought” made the quarter finals in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest before Ellechor published the the trilogy starting in 2011. The remaining books, “The Dunn Deal” and “Parrish the Thought,” were published in 2012. Also, visit her at http://www.catherineleggitt.com/.

You can buy "Payne and Misery" HERE.

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