Review: Due Justice by Diane Capri

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Title: Due Justice
Author: Diane Capri
Genre:Mystery, Thriller, Humor
Format: Kindle
Wilhelmina Carson is Federal Judge in Tampa, Florida. A famous plastic surgeon is found dead and all the clues lead to Willa’s sister, Carly. And on  the top of everything, Carly is missing.  Willa is pretty sure that Carly didn’t do it, but she needs to prove it. And after all, she is Federal Judge. That means attending to charity parties, beauty contests and etc. Willa has free spirit, endless support from her loving husband, and sense for justice. Now, she needs to find who killed the famous surgeon.
Willa’s character is everything else but boring. So unusual for a Federal Judge. I really loved her as a character, I loved her connection with the family that took care for her after her mother died, her connection with the husband, and especially her connection with Greta, her car. Yes, her loving car. It made me laugh so many times. 
Every chapter begins with “Tampa, Florida, day, time and date”. Whole story is settled in Tampa, Florida, no moving. So, why it had to be mentioned at every chapter? I didn’t like that. You get the picture that the plot is on different places, but it is not.
The story considers another modern time issue, breast implants. There are many do-s and don’t-s, are silicones bad for your health or not. Willa often attends charity gatherings for the riches, and often the main theme is whose boobs are real whose are not. “Oh, my God, she’s 55, she looks like 35. I really need to get her surgeon’s number. Look there, there is no way that that bottom is real.” 
In the middle of the ”silicon valley” where good looking is everything, a murder has to be solved.  Who and why killed the doctor? His breast implants for  women were one of the best. What went wrong? And where is Carly, the last person that saw him alive? 

My opinion: 3,5 / 5

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