Book review: Then You Were Gone by Claire Moss

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Is to love someone really to leave them behind?
When Simone first met Mack, he was that guy. Too charming for his own good, and way too sure of himself. And yet after those first few moments, she just knew it was going to work between them, and she’d never been happier. But just as they are about to get serious, Mack disappears without a trace.

Simone starts to question everything she thought she knew about Mack, but she can’t let him go without a fight. His slightly shady boss Keith must know more than he says, and Jazzy – Mack’s best mate and her oldest friend – is desperate to find him too. But should you go after someone who doesn’t want to be found? And how do you know that you will still want what you find?
Copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
The story starts with Simone and the love of her life, Mack. She thinks that he is the one, the one and only true love that lasts forever. But one day Mack disappears without a trace. Would a man who truly loves her do that? And suddenly Simone starts to question their relationship. She thinks that he doesn’t love her. Why would he hide from her? Her curiosity is bigger that her fear and she starts an investigation. Fulfilled with her doubts, Simone starts to search into the past of the man she loves. But is she ready for the things she might find?
I downloaded this book because the synopsis intrigued me. It seemed like a great thriller. The start was gripping and very promising. But I must say I feel disappointed. As I continued reading, the plot was predictable, everything I assumed that would happen, happened. I found Simone as a weak character. She loved Mack, but when he disappeared, she questioned herself, not the fact that something bad had happened to him. She was not confident enough in herself nor their relationship. She had to ask their mutual friends for something she had to be sure about in a long-term relationship. She presented herself as a confident and independent woman, but I couldn’t feel that in her character. She was stubborn to find out the truth, and that was a characteristic I appreciated.
The author’s writing style was fine and easy to read. I am sorry that I didn’t enjoy the story as much as I thought I would. What started as a great mystery, slowly diluted as the story continued. But, still I would give this author a chance. Maybe her next book will keep me awake till finishing the last page.

My opinion: 3 / 5.

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