The Family Man by T.J.Lebbon – Cover Reveal

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Today I have the pleasure to take part in the cover reveal for T.J.Lebbon’s new book ‘The Family Man’, which is coming out on 11-th of August. And now, without any further ado, here’s the cover for The Family Man and the blurb:

Just imagine!

It’s a normal day. You’re out with a friend, having a chat, enjoying the sunshine. And then you have an idea. You follow it, take a risk.

Everything changes.

You make one mistake, and you’ve put everyone you love in danger.

What do you do?

The new novel by TJ Lebbon looks at just that – how one wrong decision upturns your entire life, with terrifyingly brutal consequences. This summer, get ready to run.

You take ONE risk. Now, those you love must pay …

Dom Turner is a dependable husband, a loving father. A man you can rely on. But it only takes one day to destroy a seemingly perfect life.

Emma thought she could trust her husband, Dom. She thought he would always look after her and their daughter Daisy….

Then one reckless act ends in two innocent deaths – and Dom’s family becomes the target of a terrifying enemy.
There’s nowhere to hide. They’re on the run for their lives. And if Dom makes one more wrong move, he won’t have a family left to protect.

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