My Favorite Summer Themed Crime TV Series

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Hi, guys.
Sorry for not being around lately. After waiting for my new internet package for more than month and fixing the laptop after my dad accidentally spilled water on it, it’s good to be back. Many reviews are waiting to be written, but today I decided to talk about something easier, like summer vacations and mystery tv shows. Every summer the local tv stations are filling the program with summer themed tv shows, most of them filmed on exotic islands. Some of them include mysteries, some include murders, but they all include out of ordinary detectives. And they are all filmed on exotic locations. I like most of these shows, they are humorous, mysterious, perfect for chilling out if you are not on the beach. So here are some of my favorites:

1. Death in Paradise

Crime comedy drama filmed on the Caribbean Islands. The main character is a British detective who comes to work on the Caribbean Island of Saint Marie. He is very funny with his British clothes and manners living on a tropical island. The detective’s role was played by Ben Miller in the season 1 and 2 , and then he was replaced by another great actor, Kris Marshall. There is always some murder to be solved, and the clumsy detective is always the smartest person in the room. The scenario is light and easy, perfect for summer. 

2. Tropical Heat 

Tropical Heat was very popular tv show when I was a kid. It was aired every summer for a couple of years. I believe that there is no person on the Balkans who doesn’t know who Nick Slaughter is. He became even some kind of national hero in my neighboring country, Serbia. Originally named Sweating Bullets, the plot of this tv show was set in Key Mariah, Florida. The main character, famous for his Hawaiian shirts, was played  by Canadian actor Rob Stewart. 

3. The Glades

The police procedural show starred Matt Passmore as detective Jim Longworth, who comes from Chicago to work in the Florida Everglades community. While working in Chicago, he was shot in the buttocks by his captain, who thought Jim was sleeping with his wife. He receives a large settlement from the city of Chicago and settles in Florida for the golf and what he believes will be an easy life. However, Longworth soon discovers that his new hometown is more complex than meets the eye. 

 4. Rosewood

Another crime tv drama set up in Miami. The first episode was aired last year. This tv show is something between Body of Proof and Miami Vice. The main character here is D-r Beaumont Rosewood, Miami pathologist, who solves cases in his one of a kind laboratory that looks like a spaceship. 

5. CSI: Miami

And how can I not include the very famous CSI? I know that this isn’t some light summer show like the others in this list, but it is one of my favorites and it is filmed in Miami. Horatio Caine is far from a clumsy detective, but you must admit that he is one of a kind. I love all CSI shows, but I included only this one because of its tropical breeze. Did you know that these series include 10 seasons and 232 episodes? Wow! 

So, if you are not on some hot exotic beach this summer, you can enjoy the tv with these crime drama tv series filmed on exotic locations. And you can solve some murder in meantime. Enjoy! 

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