Murder in the Morning by Betty Rowlands #Review

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Murder in the Morning Book Cover Murder in the Morning
Melissa Craig #2
Betty Rowlands
Cozy mystery
20 September 2018

Second in the witty series, featuring mystery writer-turned-sleuth Melissa Craig. Melissa decides to teach her craft at the local college, where she becomes distracted by a real-life crime. It seems the department secretary has met her death at the hands of a jealous lover--and Melissa soon finds herself investigating the fine art of murder.

Hello, my fellow friends readers and bloggers!

It’s a bright sunny day here and I hope you are having a great time. Today, on my day off (it’s a national holiday here) I am reviewing one very interesting cozy mystery, Murder in the Morning. It was published on 20 September 2018 by Bookouture as the second in the series. Originally, it was previously published in 1992 as ‘Finishing Touch’. I had a great time reading the first book , so now I am sharing my review for the second one with you.

Remember Melissa Craig? The mystery writer who solves mysteries in real life too? It seems that she finds trouble where ever she goes. It doesn’t matter that she has replaced her urban life for a quiet village. A murder is a murder, no matter where. This time Melissa goes to college to teach creative writing. She is a witness to a scene when an artist literary slaughters his portrait of a young and very beautiful woman. The very same young woman is a department head’s secretary at the college and very soon her dead body has been found exactly the same way as the portrait has been destroyed. Slaughtered with a knife. It seems that the dead bodies find Melissa everywhere she goes. When a person close to her is accused for the murder, Melissa starts her own investigation.

I had a great time reading this lovely cozy mystery. Melissa Craig reminds me a lot like Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote. I had a feeling like Jessica Fletcher entered Midsomer Murders. Comparing to the book number one, this time there is more action, more people involved, more characters. Iris is here too, the one of a kind neighbor next door, with her yoga poses and vegetarian dishes. There are no more vivid descriptions of rural country like in the first book (I missed those).  But there is also the old school, no cell phones, no laptops, no emails, just an ordinary land line when you want to call someone and talking face to face. I love Melissa as a character and I love the way she solves the murders, both in the real life and her books. Can’t wait to read the next book!

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