The Vanishing Man by Philip Purser-Hallard #Review

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The Vanishing Man Book Cover The Vanishing Man
Sherlock Holmes
Philip Pursrr-Hallard
Titan Books
June 11th 2019
Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

It is 1896, and Sherlock Holmes is presented with his strangest case yet. While attempting to prove the existence of telekinesis to a scientific society, a self-proclaimed psychic named Kellway disappeared from a locked room, in front of several witnesses.

With a £10,000 reward at stake, Holmes is convinced Kellway is a charlatan - or he would be, if he had returned to claim his prize. But as Holmes and Watson investigate, the case only grows stranger and more difficult, as they have to contend with the interference of an 'occult detective'. Then one of the society's members is murdered, and Kellway himself reappears. But he is not the same man who vanished...

Sherlock Holmes has been an inspiration for more than one hundred years. The great detective and his unique investigating skills are inspiration for many modern authors. Philip Purser-Hallard is one of them. In these modern times when modern thrillers and mysteries contain too much blood and creepiness, reading a book in an Arthur Conan Doyle style is a real refreshement.

The year is 1896, there is a psychic who is trying to prove the existence of telekinesis. Kellway locks himself in a room in front of witnesses and simply disappears. The door is locked, there are no windows, but he is gone. For the things to be more confusing, he reappears several days later, much younger, claiming to be teleported on another planet.

But the great detective can not be fooled easily. Sherlock Holmes is very much convinced that this is a case of a charlatan. Travelling on another planet? No way! All he needs to do is solve the case of the locked room. And the younger look of Mr. Kellway. Everything has a logical explanation. All he needs to do is to find it.

The investigation leads to a secret society. One of the society members is found dead. Sherlock Holmes has a murder to solve….

I love Sherlock Holmes stories and have a great time reading them. I admire the great detective and his unique investigating skills. This author is new to me and when I started to read this book, I didn’t know what to expect.  The mystery is well constructed, the characters are well described. Holmes is one-of-a-kind detective and Watson is an excellent storyteller. The author created an intriguing plot that kept me interested till the last page. The Vanishing Man is a real refreshement in these modern time mysteries. Will be in the search of other books from this author.

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