Poison by Jacqui Rose #BlogTour #Review

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Poison Book Cover Poison
Franny Doyle
Jacqui Rose
gangland thriller
Avon Books UK
20th February 2020
Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The heart-racing new gangland thriller from bestselling author Jacqui Rose. Perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers’ The Sting and Martina Cole.


In a life of crime, loyalty means everything – even if you don’t always see eye to eye. But when Vaughn Sadler speaks up to get Franny Doyle sent down, he’s broken every rule in the book to win checkmate.


Holed up in prison, Franny has more than one score to settle – but she’s starting with Vaughn. Because you don’t grass on your own, no matter what. And though she may be behind bars, she will get revenge – whatever the cost.

Before, there was just bad blood running through her veins. But now, there is poison…

Hello, there !

It’s a bright sunny day, the spring is almost here. I hope you are having a great time. Today is my stop of one terrific blog tour and I am reviewing one very gripping gangland crime thriller,  written by Jacqui Rose. It is second book in the series and my first book from this author. I had no problem reading it as a stand-alone book. It is one very creepy, gangland story that left me sleepless till the last page. I really liked it! Many thanks to lovely Sanjana and the amazing team at Avon Books UK for the chance to be part of this blog tour. Don’t forget to visit all the other stops of this amazing blog tour! Enjoy!

Franny Doyle is in prison for the crime she didn’t commit. Her love Alfie is an alcoholic who owns a lot of money to the wrong people. Vaughn is trying to get Alfie back on the right road, doing same for young Shannon who is abused by her uncle Charlie. He also gives false testimony to put Franny in prison and convinces Shannon to do the same. The police officer Balantyne hates his life and his marriage and tries to get  away from it. Alfie needs money, Franny needs to get out of prison, Shannon needs protection from her uncle. Every person will do anything to get what they want. One way or another.

The person I hated the most: Charlie! I could literally kill that guy. Abusing your own niece, abusing a child! I hated him so much!

The person I felt sorry for: Shannon! There were moments when I despised her for her weakness. ” Call help, girl! You do have someone to protect you! You are not alone! Fight! ”

It was hard for me to get into the characters at the beginning, but page after page, I got into the story. It is not a kind of thriller that I am usually used to, but overall, I liked it! I liked how the gangland net was made, I liked the way characters were created. It is a great crime story and I’ll be in search for book number one very soon. And I hope that there will be book number three.

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