Book Review: Guilt Trip: The Mystery (Lauren Beck #2) by Donna Huston Murray

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Lauren Beck is back! This time with a family issue to solve. A cancer survivor with no place to live, Lauren sets up on her brother’s farm together with his family. And then, her brother’s wife, Karen, survives a tragedy. Her brother has committed a suicide. But Karen knows her brother well, and she knows that he would never ever do that. So she asks Lauren to help.
Together with Karen’s other brother, Lauren goes to the funeral. She makes up a cover story, just to make sure that she can sneak into the lion’s den and find out what really happened. Something isn’t right here. Why would someone who recently got married and expects the first child commit a suicide? Even if all the evidence says the obvious, Lauren is not satisfied. Something fishy is going on here!

This is the second book in the series, a story that follows Lauren Beck as a private investigator who solves the crimes committed in her own family. She has clients as a private investigator, but very often tragedies happen in her family, tragedies that are very suspicious and need to be investigated. This time, the mystery part is more developed and more intriguing, what makes the story more interesting to read. On the other side, Lauren’s cover story for the funeral doesn’t seem to me very plausible. Who brings the mistress on the brother’s funeral where all the family is present? You don’t show your mistress to your family, but that is just my opinion.
Overall, I liked the story. The suicide investigation is well developed with many twists around the corner. I enjoyed reading this light mystery, even when there were moments when things weren’t that light.
My opinion: 4 / 5.

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