Dead Memories by Angela Marsons #Review

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Dead Memories Book Cover Dead Memories
D.I.KIm Stone #10
Angela Marsons
police procedural
February 22nd 2019

On the fourth floor of Chaucer House, two teenagers are found chained to a radiator. The boy is dead but the girl is alive. For Detective Kim Stone every detail of the scene mirrors her own terrifying experience with her brother Mikey, when they lived in the same tower block thirty years ago.

When the bodies of a middle-aged couple are discovered in a burnt-out car, Kim can’t ignore the chilling similarity to the deaths of Erica and Keith – the only loving parents Kim had ever known.

Faced with a killer who is recreating traumatic events from her past, Kim must face the brutal truth that someone wants to hurt her in the worst way possible. Desperate to stay on the case, she is forced to work with profiler Alison Lowe who has been called in to observe and monitor Kim’s behaviour.

Kim has spent years catching dangerous criminals and protecting the innocent. But with a killer firmly fixed on destroying Kim, can she solve this complex case and save her own life or will she become the final victim?


Today I am reviewing the tenth book in “Kim Stone” series, written by my favourite author Angela Marsons. Each one in the series is even better than the previous one, and this one is not an exeption. I absolutely love Angela Marsons’ books, so here is my review for book number ten.

This time Detective Kim Stone and her team have a very personal case to solve. Two teenagers are found in a building chained to a radiator. The boy is dead but the girl is alive. Not many people know, but this is same image from Kim’s childhood, when she and her little brother were tied to a radiator by their mentally ill mother. Her brother died, and Kim survived. It is not just the same scene, but also the same building.

Case number two, husband and wife are found in a burnt-out car. Same scene like when Kim’s foster parents died. This can’t be a coincidence. Someone is taking his/her revenge on Kim Stone. Someone who knows her past very well. And those are people she can count on fingers on one hand.

Who hates her that much? Who wants to hurt her in the worst possible way? Who involves innocent teenagers and middle aged people just to hurt one person?

From the writting pen of an excellent crime writer, here comes the creepiest of all books in the series.  And I love it! I enjoyed every single page till the end! It’s creepy, it makes the hair on your neck stand, it makes you read and read and read! You can’t stop! I know I couldn’t. Sometimes when there are many books in the series, the stories become dull and not interesting anymore. This is not the case! I can never be bored with Kim Stone as a main character. Book number #11 is already out and I can’t wait to read it! Totally recommended!

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