Blood Royal-Harold Robbins

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At the beginning, I thought, this is a story about princess Diana. While in real life, the princess divorced, in this story, she murdered the prince.

There are three stories in this book.

The first one is about princess of Wales,her childhood, her duties, her feelings.The whole story is based on Diana’s real life. Being raised to be aristocrat, being raised to be a princess, not being able to show feelings in public. Accumulating her feelings, she finally snaps, resulting in murdering the husband.Not just any husband, but the Prince of England himself.

The second story is for her female american lawyer. Her life is similar to the one of the princess, with one big difference, this woman was born poor. She also murdered her husband.

The third story is for a serial killer. A tabloid journalist working on the story for the princess discovered a body in a church. The head was from a different body, and the ears were from a third body.

I didn’t feel strong connection between all these stories. Of course, they are all connected at the end, but it didn’t turn me upside-down. The connection was very poor. Also, it seems like the final story isn’t finished at all. Is there part two?

I read that when Harold Robbins died, this book wasn’t finished, so other authors did the job. Maybe, that’s why this book isn’t good enough like others from this author.

My opinion: 2/5

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