The Indian Bride-Karin Fossum

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The very first time when I saw the title, I thought: oh, another book about India. 

Next thing I noticed: inspector Sejer mystery. 
Yesss… thriller: crime and mystery,my favorite. 
I thought: this is one of the inspector’s cases. But I was wrong. My whole first impression was wrong. 
The plot is placed in Norway. Gunder Jomann was shy man in his early fifties. Living whole life with his mother and sister. His sister Maria gives him a present, book about all nations in the world.He is impressed by the image of an Indian woman and goes all over to India to find a wife who looks like that photograph. He buys a gift for his future bride, a nice piece of norwegian jewelry. There he meets Poona, they marry, he comes back to Norway, and she has to come two weeks after. The day when she arrives, Gunder’s sister is injured in a car accident. He has to choose one of them: staying at the hospital with the sister, or going to the airport to wait the wife. He chooses the first. He sends a friend to go to get Poona, but he never finds her. Poona never arrives in her new home. 
In the small town where Gunder lives, the police discoveres a body of a woman. Her whole face is smashed. Her clothes are different then locals , she is probably from India or Pakistan. But, one thing is outstanding,a nice piece of norwegian jewelry on her clothes. 
Inspector Sejer has got the case. 
This book left me with couple of questions. The man who was arested, is he the real killer? Was there a conspiracy? Is there part two of this book? 
This was a creepy north story, but honestly, I was expecting more. 
My opinion:  3 / 5

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