The Whisperer-Donato Carrisi

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This is the book that totally freaked me out. I was reading at 2.00 AM and  went to check if my front door was locked.

Six arms. Buried in the meadow. The arms belong to six little girls.Are the girls dead or alive? Where are the missing girls?
The criminologist Goran Gavila works on the case. Another member of the team is Mila Vasquez . Both, usually work alone. But now, they have to work as a team.
Goran Gavila has skeletons in the closet. He is a single parent to a boy since his wife left. He cannot understand why she left her own son.
Mila Vasquez has skeletons on her own. She was kidnapped as a child. She knows exactly what the missing girls are going through.
Five bodies are discovered, one after another. But there is no sixth body. Where is the sixth missing girl?
In the prison there is a new prisoner. He cleans after him so well, so there is no his DNA at all. No one knows who he is. No name, no fingerprints, no DNA. Nothing. His profile is sent to Goran Davila.

I loved this book. It turned me upside-down. There were so many twists, I couldn’t put it down all night. Finished for one night (almost 600 pages). There were creepy moment that freaked me out (Is my front door locked?). There is very good psychological background in this story.

My opinion : 5 / 5

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