Invisible (Ivy Malone Mysteries #1) – Lorena McCourtney

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Title: Invisible (Ivy Malone Mysteries #1)
Author: Lorena McCourtney
Genre: Mystery
Published: August 1st, 2004
Format: Kindle

Ivy Malone is not an ordinary senior citizen. She is LOL (Little Old Lady). After couple of little incidents, she realizes that she is invisible. Not really invisible, just that people wouldn’t notice her in same way they would notice a beautiful young woman. When her best friend dies, and the woman who lives with her disappears, and after that found murdered, Ivy takes the things in her own hands. Who will ever suspect in a little old lady? Someone is vandalizing the graveyards. Ivy is there every night to catch the vandals (or just to write the registration plate).
I own this book just because it was free on I didn’t expect to be funny and entertaining that much. Mysteries are my favorite genre. And there were many funny moment and situations in the book. This LOL is very adorable. She lost her son and her husband, but she never lost her sense for humor and justice. She is not afraid to sit in her Thunderbird and drive all over the country to get what she wants. Very often her mind says “yes”, but her body says “no”. She always finds the way to push that “yes”.

When I was a child, there was a tv show Super Gran, about a grandmother with super powers. Ivy Malone reminds me of Super Gran. She doesn’t have super powers, but in her mind she can do whatever she wants. And she does. 

My opinion: 4 / 5

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