Black Oil, Red Blood – Diane Castle

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Title: Black Oil, Red Blood
Author: Diane Castle
Genre: Thriller
Published: February, 2012
Format: Kindle

Chloe Taylor was a successful lawyer. Until she found out that her fiancé (also very rich and successful lawyer) was cheating on her. So she left. She moved to a small town named Kettle, Texas. Now, she still wears her expensive clothes, but in a lack of  money, she eats Ramen every day.
The life in Kettle is not ordinary after all. Big Oil Industry giant PetroPlex is the mayor company in town. Almost entire population works there. Many of the people that work in the oil company are getting sick. Cancer is on the top of the illnesses. Chloe tries to prove that the cancer here is not accident or bad luck. It is caused by the pollution. The pollution that no one wants to admit.
The problems start when Chloe’s expert witness dies in suspicious circumstances. His files are missing, and no one from the attorneys doesn’t want to help her. The only person who wants justice is the local sheriff, but he doesn’t trust her. And the oil company hires her ex-fiancé for the case. What can be worse?
I couldn’t put my kindle down until I finished this book. Very serious subject was chosen for the plot. Cancer and the pollution are part of our modern-day life. Factories employ people, but also many of them do not care about the environment. On one side they help people, on the other side they hurt people. There were many turnovers in the story,  politics, murders, corruption. The characters were very well plotted. I loved the character of Chloe. She loves justice, she cares about people. There were also some very funny moments, but I won’t reveal more. If you love action, mystery, and political thrillers, and a little bit humor in it, than this is a story just for you.  

My opinion: 5 / 5


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