Book Review: Vigilante by Kerry Wilkinson

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Copy provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
How to explain the unexplainable?
A murder happens on the streets. And another one. DNA is found among other evidence. Matches a criminal who is behind the bars. There was no way he could escape. How could he commit the murders? Is he guilty for the crimes that put him in prison in the first place?
Detective Jessica Daniel works on the case. It is the most difficult case for her ever. Someone is killing the bad guys on the streets. The press calls him „Vigilante“. But murder is a murder and someone has to be guilty. The man whose DNA matches the evidence is in prison and there is no way he could escape. So how his DNA is found at the crime scene? Can two people have same DNA? There is no history of siblings for the suspected prisoner. Is someone messing with the evidence in the lab?

With a little help from Adam from the lab, Jessica has to stop the murders. This case brings these two people together and romance is on the sight. Jess works like a robot all the time, with no personal life and having someone like Adam in her life softens her tough side and makes her more human. I liked her as a character, even if sometimes she was getting on my nerves. But I definitely liked Adam, the shy, introvert guy who takes care of his elderly grandmother.


A big plus for the story is the unpredictable ending. The plot reminded me of an old movie, I can’t remember the title, and there were moments when I really taught that it was the same plot and same ending. So glad I was wrong! I loved the fast-paced gripping story and will expect this author’s books in future. I recommend this book!

My opinion: 4,5 / 5.

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