Review: Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell

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It all happened that night in the Swedish village. An old man woke up just to find out that there was something wrong going on in neighbor’s house. An elderly couple was beaten to death and robbed. The husband died, but the woman lived long enough to say only one word to the police. At least one of the killers was foreigner. 
Inspector Kurt Wallander works on the case. He just can’t figure out why would someone robe two old people who practically own nothing. And why killing them? Was there something personal? Someone wasn’t bothering to kill them, but bothered enough to feed their horse.
The inspector’s private life is a mess. His wife left him, his daughter disappears all the time. His father barely speaks to him and becomes more and more senile. Wallander works all the time, barely eats and sleeps, drinks all the time. But one thing is certain. He is going to solve this case.
As the time goes by, certain things come out. The old man who was killed had illegitimate son. Also he had a lot of money on a bank account. A lot of money. Where did he get it? Did anyone know about the bank account? Was the son involved? And feeding the horse was something that just can’t get out of inspector’s mind.
I am a huge fan of Swedish thrillers. Inspector Wallander is a real anti-hero. Drunk most of the time, divorced, living in a fairy-tale that his wife will come back to him, waiting the approval from his narcissistic father. I’ve found certain similarity between the main characters in Henning Mankell’s and Jo Nesbo’s novels. Both alone, problems with the fathers, alcoholics, both anti-heroes. And both good in what they do: solving crimes. I don’t know who was learning from who in creating the main character, but I like them both. 
This is a real page turner for those who like to solve cold-blooded crimes. The investigation goes in many directions and will keep you up all night until you finish the book. Highly recommended.
My opinion: 4 / 5

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