Book Review: Take One With You by Oak Anderson

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*Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Do you want to kill yourself?
If you are sure that you want to die, would you take someone with you? Not the innocent people that got on your way, but rapists and pedophiles, people who deserve to die. Are you ready to kill killers?
Charlie and Sarah meet online. Two teenagers who are never loved and never understood by their families. Both suicidals, they start a project. They launch a website TOWY, for people who want to kill themselves and take one with them. They hack the police files to publish the names of killers, child molesters and rapists. And it goes viral. Things start to get out of control. 

I must say that this book left me speechless couple of minutes after finishing. I’ve never read anything similar before. I have no idea how to categorize this thriller. The story is so full of adrenalin that will blow your mind. You enter the grey zone where nothing is black or white anymore. It has a creepy start, and reading the first chapter I was wondering should I continue reading. But page after page, I was hooked and didn’t leave the book until finishing the last page. It’s really unique read, one of its kind. The plot is full of supportive characters but also focused on the main ones. The influence of the social media in the modern lives of the teenagers is well incorporated. It’s Mr. Anderson’s debut novel, and all I can say is: “Well done!”. For a debut novel, the author did a really good job. So I’ll be looking for his books in the future, because I’m expecting nothing less than TOWY.
My opinion: 4 / 5.

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